Drops VS SHots


Allergy shots work for 60% of patients. Allergy drops work 90% of the time for patients. 

Onset of Action

Allergy shots take several months and sometimes a year or longer to begin working.

Allergy drops begin working within one month for 50% of patients and 90% by the sixth month. 


Allergy shots must be administered in a doctors office twice a week with each visit lasting at least 45 minutes each. 

Allergy drops take 10 seconds to place underneath your tongue and in the convenience of your own home. 


Allergy shots can and do cause allergic reaction that can in some cases cause death.

Allergy drops have never been shown to cause severe reactions. 


Allergy shots only treat for allergens found in the Southwest United States. 

Allergy drops treat patients for worldwide allergies allowing individuals to travel freely throughout the world without fear of having a flare of their allergy symptoms. This works particularly well for my patients who are business travelers, professional athletes and persons who just like to travel outside of Arizona.  

This works excellent for business travelers, professional athletes and people who just like to travel outside of Arizona. 

Age Restrictions

Children under the age of 10 cannot be treated with allergy shots due to the unacceptable possibility for death should they have a severe allergic reaction. 

There is no age restriction for allergy drops. Children as young as a few months old can be considered for treatment using this method because of its inherent safety. 


Allergy shots require a co-pay for their twice weekly visits. 

Allergy drops for most people will cost substantially less than allergy shots.