Will it work for children?

Our allergy drops are great for children of all ages. Our program involves nearly painless testing and does not require painful shots. We are able to treat children as young as infants unlike a traditional allergy shot program that require children to be at least 7 years of age before beginning treatment. 

How long until it starts working?

The vast majority of patients experience marked symptom relief within the first few months of starting treatment. Many patients see improvement in as little as a few weeks.

What are the drops made of?

The allergy serum is made from the most common antigens found in the environment (the things you breathe in on a daily basis) in a liquid saline solution. They are all-natural!

Are there any side-effects or risks?

Allergy drops are very safe and there has never been a significant, life-threatening reaction as a result of using allergy drops.

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Am I Suitable?

Yes. People of ALL ages can take allergy drops. Even infants can take them. 


It is covered by insurance? 

Testing is covered depending on co-pays and deductibles. However, insurance does not cover the actual drops themselves. 


How do I get tested?

You will be given a simple scratch test (no needles) exposing you to various allergenic extracts. Within about 15 minutes you will develop small bumps at the sites where you have a reaction. These reactions are evaluated by measuring the size of the raised areas of skin with a millimeter ruler. The severity of your allergic reactions are graded as follows: 2-4mm=low; 5-7=moderate; 8-10=high; 11-13=very high.

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